Your Total Event Score will be made up of individual elements combined together.  These include:

BATTLE POINTS (45% of Total Event Score)

There will be three possible outcomes of each game you play:

  • Victory
  • Draw
  • Defeat

In addition, each scenario will have secret missions which will allow you to earn bonus points

 APPEARANCE (30% of Total Event Score)

Your army painting will be judges using a painting checklist.  Painting scores will be determined by the counting of the following elements

  • Basic Painting Techniques, including but not limited to three color minimum, shading and highlighting
  • Advanced Painting Techniques, including but not limited to picking out of details, blending, free hand
  • Unified painting styles and color choices
  • Basing, including but not limited to use of multiple basing materials, colors, and unified appearance
  • Conversions, including but not limited to weapon swaps, minor and major sculpting, and appropriateness
  • Your Special Objective Marker
  • Any Display base you bring for your army

Note: Not all of the above items will need to be included (with the exception of at least 3 color minimum painting and the special objective marker), however the more that are included the better the overall painting score.

SPORTSMANSHIP (15% of Total Event Score)

After each game you will rate your opponent on the following checklist:

  •  My opponent was prepared for the game (books, dice, tape measure, army list, pen, etc.).
  • Rules issues were handled in a mature way.
  • My opponent played at timely pace (no slow play, understanding of rules, bathroom breaks, etc.).
  • My opponent played to the spirit of the game or objectives of the game.
  • I would voluntarily play against my opponent again.
  • I would voluntarily play against my opponent’s army list again.

 THEME (10% of Total Event Score)

Your army will be judged based on theme criteria such as:

  • Your written army theming description
  • Creation of a force which is historically relevant
  • Selection of appropriate mixtures of infantry, artillery, and vehicles
  • Selection of appropriate troop morale categories



At the end of the tournament, players will be asked to rank their opponents 1 through 5 and to select a favorite army (doesn’t have to be someone they played). These votes will be used to break ties.