Tournament Summary:

It is 1944, and the war is not going well for the Axis powers. The Allies capture the Marshall Islands in the Pacific. The monumental battle of Monte Cassino begins, while elsewhere in Italy, the Americans land at Anzio to trap the Cassino defenders in a pincer. Sevastopol is liberated from the Germans. Mount Vesuvius erupts. Rome is captured. The Allies perform one of the most famous amphibious landings in history in Normandy with Operation Overlord. The follow-on battles in France like Caen, St. Lo, Carentan, Falaise, and Avranches become legendary. The allies invade Guam, while the battles of Imphal and Kohima rage in India and Burma. Paris is liberated. At Pelelieu the Marines trudge on against die-hard defense. In one of the greatest airborne operations in history, the Allies attempt to end the war early with Operation Market Garden, which ends in failure. The brutal fighting in the Hurtgen Forest takes place. The Soviet steamroller moves inexorably forward across thousands of miles of front line. As the year ends, the disastrous Battle of the Bulge ends in the destruction of Germany’s best, while further losses are suffered in Hungary on the Eastern Front. These momentous battles are the setting for Operation Sting 2018.

Each player will play a total of 5 games over the course of the weekend (3 on Saturday, 2 on Sunday).  All games will be 2.5 hours in length with pre-set terrain. Special rules, determined by the tournament organizers, will be included.

Scoring for the event will be a combination of Battle Points, Sportsmanship, Theme, and Paint scores for Overall placement. In order to be eligible for Best Painted Army Awards, you must have painted the army yourself.  If you did not paint your own army, you must let the tournament organizer know at the time of check in.

Your army must be painted to a minimum standard of 3 colors plus a base. The base must be painted or flocked. No unpainted armies or figures will be allowed.

Awards will be presented for the following categories: Best Overall, Best General, Best Appearance, and Best Sportsman.  Additional awards may be added in the future.

Army Requirements:

Each player will be required to bring a single army using a maximum of 1,250 Requisition Points.  The force must consist of a maximum of one reinforced infantry platoon (no armored platoons).  There is a cap limit of 16 order dice for your Platoon.  In addition to your army, you must bring a special objective marker (no larger than 6″ on the largest edge) which will be judged during paint and theme judging and will be used for some game play purposes.  You will also need to provide a brief written summary of how your army was constructed (historical theme, why you chose particular units, etc).  This army description will be used in the theme judging as well.

The theme for Operation Sting 2018 is “1944”.  All army lists must be assembled to represent an army that would have served in 1944.  The expectation is that you will use a Theater Selector from one of the sources listed below.

  • Armies of Germany – Anti-Partisan Patrol (p 90); Defense of the East (p 91); Defense of Italy (p 92); Atlantic Wall (p 94); Normandy (p 96); Watch on the Rhine (p 98); West Wall (p 100)
  • Armies of Italy and the Axis – Defense of Karelia (p 60); Occupation Force (p 70); Red Storm Rising (p 84); Romania (p 96).
  • Armies of the Soviet Union – Leningrad-Novgorod Offensive (p 82); Operation Bagration (p 84). Note: the “Quality of Quantity” rule on page 61 is allowed. Please make absolutely clear you’re using this option when submitting your list.
  • Armies of Great Britain – Burma (p 77); Monte Cassino (p 78); Normandy (p 80); Market Garden (p 83).
  • Armies of France and the Allies – Liberation (p 107)
  • Armies of the United States – Cassino (p 64); Anzio (p 65); Normandy (p 66); Cobra (p 69); Market Garden (p 71); The Bulge (p 72); Bastogne (p 74); Iwo Jima (p 80). Late war paratroopers, introduced with the ‘Band of Brothers’ box, are allowed in the appropriate lists.
  • Armies of Japan – Burma (p 50). Owing to the lack of proper selectors, generic Japanese platoons may be used, minus any units inappropriate to the theme year. 

Note:  If you feel strongly that the force you want to field fits the theme but cannot be suitably represented by these theater selectors please contact the Tournament Organizers via email at to work out a solution. 

Note:  Units from the “Additional Units PDF” published on the Warlord Site are also acceptable for use if they are included in the appropriate theater selector. Platoons from the current Campaign books like Battle of the Bulge, Papua New Guinea, (NOT theater books like Empire in Flames, etc.) may be used with approval from the tournament organizers. Experimental or unofficial units are not allowed.

The Tournament Organizers appreciate that  players will build their lists with the idea of friendly games in mind, not winning at all costs. Operation Sting is a competition, but a friendly one after all.

Models from a variety of ranges can be used.  However, it needs to be clear to you and your opponents that the models are appropriate for what they represent.  If you think there is ANY chance of confusion prior to the event, contact the tournament organizers (use the Contact Info tab).

You must have a copy of your army list at check in as well as throughout the weekend. If your army list does not match what you are playing anytime during the weekend, you will be subject to a penalty at the discretion of the tournament organizer. Penalties could include a ‘-5’ to your Battle Score for minor offenses (too many models or incorrect wargear) or even a Battle Score of ‘0’ (excessive model errors, significant point value differences, etc) for any game played with this illegal or incorrect army. At the discretion of the tournament organizer, you may be disqualified and asked to leave the event without a refund.

The tournament requires a pre-submission of army lists at least two weeks prior to the tournament.  This is requested to speed up check-in and allow for verification.  If you do not pre-submit your army list you suffer a penalty towards your final event score.

Final army lists must be submitted to by Saturday, October 20th. Easy Army files are preferred. If you have any concern whatsoever that your list may not be approved, please submit early to ensure your list does not get returned so close to the event.


A set of Errata and FAQ’s for Bolt Action are maintained on the Warlord Website.  This FAQ will be used for Operation Sting.  

The tournament organizers recognize that tournament attendees are reasonable players, and look to you to make the right decision in the myriad of situations this issue could arise. If you are unable to, please call over the Organizers to make the call for you.

All judges’ decisions are final.

House Rules (2018)

For 2017, any additional house rules will be published by Sept 1, 2017.