Tournament Summary:

Each player will play a total of 5 games over the course of the weekend (3 on Saturday, 2 on Sunday).  The players will bring a single army (1250 requisition points) consisting of a single reinforced platoon.  There is a cap limit of 16 order dice for your Platoon.

All games will be 2.5 hours in length with pre-set terrain. Scoring for the event will be a combination of Battle Points, Sportsmanship, Theme, and Paint scores for Overall placement. In order to be eligible for Best Painted Army Awards, you must have painted the army yourself.  If you did not paint your own army, you must let the tournament organizer know at the time of check in.

Army lists must be assembled using the appropriate army lists from any of the currently published supplement books.

Your army must be painted to a minimum standard of 3 colors plus a base. The base must be painted or flocked. No unpainted armies or figures will be allowed.

Awards will be presented for the following categories: Best Overall, Best General, Best Appearance, and Best Sportsman.  Additional awards may be added in the future.

Army Requirements:

Each player will be required to bring a single army using a MAXIMUM of 1,250 Requisition Points.  The force must consist of a maximum of ONE reinforced platoon.   There is a cap limit of 16 order dice for your Platoon.   In addition to your army, you must bring a special objective marker (no larger than 6″ on the largest edge) which will be judged during paint and theming and will be used for some game play purposed.    You will also need to provide a brief written summary of how your army was constructed (historical theme, why you chose particular units, etc).  This army description will be used in the theme judging as well.

The platoon in the force must be selected using the army list section of any one of the following supplement books:
– Armies of Germany.
– Armies of United States.
– Armies of Great Britain.
– Armies of the Soviet Union.
– Armies of Imperial Japan.
– Armies of France and the Allies.
– Armies of Italy and the Axis.
– Armies of China (Empire in Flames Supplement)
Note:  Units from the “Additional Units PDF” published on the Warlord Site are also acceptable for use

Note:  Due to the nature of the new version of the rules being published, the British Royal Commandos and the Australian Theatre Selector rules published online at Warlord will NOT be allowed for Operation Sting this year.  After the tournament this year, future consideration for these Online/Official Theatre selectors will be evaluated.

The platoon must be formed either according to the generic reinforced platoon selector or one of the theatre selectors from the chosen supplement book.  NOTE:  If published, the generic reinforced platoons from Version 2 of the rulebook will supercede any other Generic Platoon entries from previous versions of the rule or army books. [Decision on Sept 30 made that Generic Reinforced Platoons from the Armies of Rulebook are acceptable and can supercede the Generic Reinforced Platoon from the Version 2 Rulebook.]  

The following exceptions to normal platoon building are in effect for Operation Sting:

  • Only one reinforced platoon may be selected
  • 16 Order Dice Limit
  • Your Platoon Leader must have the same experience base at least as high as the majority of your army (or higher).  For example, if you army has more than 50% Regular troops, your Platoon leader must be at least Regular (or higher).
  • No vehicles with flamethrower weapons will be allowed.   Infantry Flamethrower Teams are allowed as part of normal army building rules.

Special Note on Optional Supplements and Online Troops:  

  • Armored Platoons from the Tank War supplement will not be allowed for Operation Sting.  This event is based strictly on army building rules for reinforced platoons. 
  • Units and Squads specific to the Warlord Supplements (Battleground Europe, Ostfront, etc.) will not be allowed at Operation Sting with the exception of the Armies of China rules from the Empire in Flames supplement. 
  • Units from the Warlord Website which are still trial, experimental, or optional will not allowed in Operation Sting unless specifically mentioned as being legal for this tournament on our website. Note:  the “Additional Units” pdf (as described above) will be acceptable for Operation Sting.

Models from a variety of ranges can be used.  However, it needs to be clear to you and your opponents that the models are appropriate for what they represent.  If you think there is ANY chance of confusion prior to the event, contact the tournament organizers (use the Contact Info tab).

You must have a copy of your army list at check in as well as throughout the weekend. If your army list does not match what you are playing anytime during the weekend, you will be subject to a penalty at the discretion of the tournament organizer. Penalties could include a ‘-5’ to your Battle Score for minor offenses (too many models or incorrect wargear) or even a Battle Score of ‘0’ (excessive model errors, significant point value differences, etc) for any game played with this illegal or incorrect army. At the discretion of the tournament organizer, you may be disqualified and asked to leave the event without a refund.

The tournament requires a pre-submission of army lists at least one week prior to the tournament.  This is requested to speed up check-in and allow for verification.  If you do not pre-submit your army list you suffer a penalty towards your final event score.

Tournament Rules:

The Bolt Action Rulebook (Version 2.0) and all published supplements will be used.  No “Experimental” or “Optional” rules posted on the Warlord website will be allowed in the event unless specifically described on this page. 

A set of Errata and FAQ’s for Bolt Action are maintained on the Warlord Website.  This FAQ will be used for Operation Sting.  For 2016, No additional House Rules will be used.  

The tournament organizers recognize that tournament attendees are reasonable players, and look to you to make the right decision in the myriad of situations this issue could arise. If you are unable to, please call over the Organizers to make the call for you.

All judges’ decisions are final.

House Rules (2016)

No House Rules will be in place for 2016.  

Spotters and Forward Observers:  Each tournament scenario will clearly indicate if Spotters and Forward Observers are placed on the board prior to Turn 1 and deployment.

Forests and Line of Site:  Forest terrain pieces present some complications for “Area terrain” and “Line of Sight”.  For Operation Sting, all forests which are comprised of individual trees sitting in clearly delineated woodland flats will be treated as line of site blockers if they are in between two units.  These will follow the same rules as “Smoke” as described in the Bolt Action Rules (see Page 68 and 78 for the rules on Smoke and diagrams).

Anti-aircraft and Flak:  When determining flak reactionary fire, a unit selected from the “Anti-aircraft  Guns” or “Anti-aircraft Vehicles” section of an army  list DOES  NOT suffer  the  -2  to  hit  for fast  moving penalty.  The -2 penalty still applies to pintle-mounted weapons that have the “flak” special  rule,  if they were not from anti- aircraft unit sections.

Armored Transports:  Armored Transports (7+ armor) can fire their primary weapon system (only one gun) while empty.  This order is give through the “advance” or “fire” order dice for the transport.  Note:  the rules still apply that if an enemy unit is closer to a transport than a friendly unit, the transport will be removed from the game.    If the transport has multiple weapon systems then these may only be fired if the transport is carrying a unit as described in the rules.

Recce and Ambush:  Reece vehicles cannot use the Recce special rule to avoid an “ambush” order from an enemy unit.