Operation Sting is SOLD OUT!


Registration is $60 payable via PayPal.  After registering, please use the contact form to confirm if you select either “Axis” or “Allied” player.  Note, there will only be 15 slots available for each Faction.  You may register as “undecided” but when on faction fills up you will have to play on the opposite side or be moved to the waitlist.

After all 30 slots fill up, we will collect waitlist names.  Please use the contact form on the website to submit your name to the waitlist.

There will likely be a few add-on options for Operation Sting.  These will be handled separately from registration and will be made available later at the day of the event.

Refund Policy:
Full refunds will be offered up to September 15, 2017
Half refunds will be offered from September 16 to October 15, 2017
There will be NO REFUNDS offered after October 16 , 2017

Allied Registered Players:
1.  Kyle Toth
2.  Dave Godwin
3.  John Stentz
4.  Dan Pollert
5.  Daymon Mills
6.  Tyler DuMontelle
7.  Benjamin Thompson
8.  Luke Hess
9.  Eric Brooks
10.  Chris Balke
11.  Josh Balke
12.  David Leonard
13.  Chris Pawl
14.  Bruce Romanick
15.  Mark Halberg

Axis Registered Players:

1. Jeremy Williams
2. Jason Meyers
3. Ryan Miller
4. Jeremy Olsen
5. Aaron Schmidt
6. Troy Weiss
7. Duane Zoldak
8. Joe Meyer
9. Les Reimers
10. Don Varner
11. Jason Misuinas
12. Andrew Verticchio
13.  Adam Pyle
14.  Sean Vilmont
15.  Jeff Gentz


Waiting List:

  1. Louis DiGirolamo
  2. Matthew Doyle
  3. Gene Decker
  4. Robert Elmer
  5. Thomas Pratt