Please use the contact tab on the blog to be added to the wait list!  We are looking at options to expand the event size.

There will likely be a few add-on options for Operation Sting.  These will be handled separately from registration and will be made available later at the day of the event.

Refund Policy:
Full refunds will be offered up to September 30, 2016
Half refunds will be offered from October 1 to October 21, 2016
There will be NO REFUNDS offered after October 22 , 2016

Confirmed Axis:
Aaron Schmidt
Dave Godwin
Chris Balke
Dan Pollert
Jeremy Williams
Mark Halberg
Les Reimers
Dan Van Hese
Robert Elmer
Jeremy Olsen
Dexter Wallis
Chris Watson
Matt Beaty
Sean Vilmont
Troy Weiss

Confirm Allied:
Seamus Hamrin
John Stentz
Josh Balke
Steve Pinter
Joe Meyer
Don Varner
Bruce Romanick
Andrew Verticchio
Eric Brooks
Paul Stewart
Ryan Miller
Benjamin Thompson
Tyler DuMontelle
Chris Pawl
Jeff Gentz


Registered Players:
1.  Aaron Schmidt (IL)
2.  Seamus Hamrin (IL)
3.  John Stentz (MN)
4.  Dave Godwin (IL)
5.  Chris Balke (WI)
6.  Josh Balke (WI)
7.  Steve Pinter (WI)
8.  Joe Meyer (IL)
9.  Don Varner (WI)
10.  Dan Pollert (ND)
11.  Bruce Romanick (ND)
12.  Benjamin Thompson (IL)
13.  Andrew Verticchio (IL)
14.  Jeremy Williams (IL)
15.  Troy Weiss (WI)
16.  Robert Elmer (WI)
17.  Jeff Gentz (WI)
18.  Matt Beaty (IN)
19.  Eric Brooks (ND)
20.  Jeremy Olsen (IL)
21.  Paul Stewart (IL)
22.  Tyler DuMontelle (IL)
23.  Mark Halberg (IL)
24.  Chris Pawl (IL)
25.  Ryan Miller (IL)
26.  Dexter Wallis (IL)
27.  Les Reimers (IL)
28.  Sean Vilmont (NE)
29.  Dan Van Hese (IL)
30.  Chris Watson (IN)

Waiting List: