Past Coverage 2016

Final Results:finalresults

The Tables:


2img_6456 3img_6458 12timg_6594 11timg_6593 4timg_6588 15timg_6587 5timg_6586 1timg_6585 13img_6478 10img_6475 9img_6474 8img_6473 14timg_6452

The Action:

img_6612 img_6614 img_6618 img_6619 img_6620 img_6624 img_6626 img_6627 img_6628 img_6630 img_6631 img_6632 img_6633 img_6636 img_6638 img_6640 img_6642 img_6644 img_6645
img_6649 img_6650
img_6655 img_6656

img_6675 img_6677 img_6680 img_6681 img_6684 img_6687 img_6688 img_6707 img_6710 img_6714 img_6721 img_6724 img_6726 img_6730 img_6731 img_6651 img_6716 img_6715 img_6686 img_6685 img_6678 img_6673

img_6672 img_6665 img_6661 img_6659 img_6647 img_6623 img_6621 img_6617 img_6616 img_6501 img_6505 img_6517 img_6528 img_6533 img_6535 img_6546 img_6547 img_6552

img_6484 img_6485 img_6486 img_6487 img_6489 img_6490 img_6491 img_6492 img_6493 img_6494


img_6496 img_6497 img_6500 img_6499

img_6509 img_6508 img_6507 img_6534 img_6537 img_6548 img_6549 img_6544 img_6541


The Armies:

aimg_6703 aimg_6702 aimg_6701 aimg_6699 aimg_6698 aimg_6697 aimg_6696 aimg_6695 aimg_6691 aimg_6689 aimg_6606

aimg_6602 aimg_6601

aimg_6598 aimg_6597 img_6565 img_6564 img_6558



img_6582 img_6573 aimg_6575 aimg_6574