Congrats to the 2018 Players

Final Results are in!

Announcing Operation Sting 2018!

Operation Sting, the annual Bolt Action Grand Tournament, will be back on November 3-4, 2018 at the Crowne Plaza in Northbrook!  Registration will officially begin on May 1, 2018.  The exact time will be announced closer to the end of April. Registration for Operation Sting Bolt Action tournament will be $53 (The event cost is $50 but PayPal takes ~$3 off the top of each of our orders)

Do you want to secure a spot in the Operation Sting Bolt Action tournament?  We need your help with providing HIGH QUALITY gaming tables for our tournament.   You can reserve one spot in the Operation Sting tournament for each table you commit to bring.   If you are interested in taking advantage of this opportunity,  send us an email at our brand new email address:   Important notes, you will still be required to pay your registration fees for Operation Sting, however your spot will be secured until Aug 31.  If you take us up on this offer and aren’t able to deliver an acceptable table, you will not be able to take advantage of this deal in future years.

and Frostgrave too?!?

In addition to the two day Bolt Action tournament, Operation Sting is excited to announce that we are adding an official second event to the weekend!  We will be running a “Friendly” Frostgrave Campaign that will be played over the course of two evenings – Friday Nov 3 and Saturday Nov 4.  The Frostgrave Campaign will have a separate entry fee ($10 entry).  Anyone is eligible to join and you do not have to be registered to play in the Operation Sting Bolt Action tournament to take place!   Registration for the Frostgrave event will be handled offline via direct PayPal payments wherever possible.  Send us an email to if you are interested in the Frostgrave campaign event to get our our waitlist.  We will confirm details on registration in a few weeks after we gauge the interest.  The total number of slots will be limited based on table space availability!


The Results

Congratulations to all the players for another Successful Operation Sting!  The final results are posted here and photos of the event coverage are posted here.

Special thanks to all our generous sponsors.  Please check them out and tell them you heard about them from Operation Sting!








The End

Hello, gamers!

Many of you have submitted your army lists for review, most have been approved, and a few are currently being reviewed. Please note the deadline for submitting army lists is this Saturday, October 28th. So please, if you have not already done so, submit your list for review. Use the “Contact” tab for information, noting that email is the preferred method of submittal due to the list-checker’s somewhat Neanderthal skill level with social media. The list of registrants will be updated soon with a note for those who have had their lists approved, so don’t be “that guy” without a list in.

Commendations to those who have submitted their lists for having eschewed typical, more “gamey” lists. Your embracing of the theme and ‘friendly gaming community’ aesthetic is very admirable, and has prevented neck-beard irritation. This is looking to be one of the best Operation Sting experiences yet! High fives all around.

Also, as a friendly reminder, you’re required to have an objective marker for your army that both factors into your army theme and is mandatory for at least one Scenario.

There is a grudge match or two taking place Friday evening, as well as some fantastic games in a frozen type of city (bone darts optional). Get your lists in, get that painting wrapped up, and spend your Friday evening rolling dice rather than basing in your hotel room!

  • Weekend General
    • Resident Neckbeard and List Approver

Operation Sting Sold Out!

Operation Sting has sold out for the second consecutive years.  However, as is usually the case we have openings from time to time due to other commitments from registered players.  If you are interested in joining the waitlist, please use the “Contact” tab and let us know.


Operation Sting Registration Opens on April 28, 2017 at 1pm (CT)

Operation Sting will be officially open for registration on April 28 at 1pm.  We expect this event to sell out very quickly!  Please use the Registration tab on our page to follow the PayPal registration Process.  After check-out, please email or contact (using the contact tab) to select a faction – Axis or Allies.  We will have 15 slots available for each side.  These will be filled on a first come/first serve basis.  You can register as “undecided” but know that if one faction fills up, you will have to select the opposite faction!


2016 Final Results

Thanks to all the players for coming out for the 3rd Annual Operation Sting!  Here’s a recap of the full results.  Photos coming soon!


Generic Platoon Update:

Please see below… I’ve updated the ruling on the use of Generic Platoon selectors.  You may choose to use a Generic Platoon from Version 2 of the rulebook or select a Generic Platoon from the appropriate “Armies of XXXX” Supplement.

Operation Sting, Version 2.0 Updates:

Yes, version 2.0 of the rules has finally arrived. I’m confirming now that we will be using Version 2.0 for Operation Sting. I appreciate that these rules will be new so we’ll allow a little flexibility during the tournament for games to go a bit longer if necessary. With the new rules are likely to come a bit of disagreement on how to interpret the rules. I’ll warn you now that I’ll be no more of an expert than any of you with these new rules so I’ll remind everyone to play like adults and remember that we are all there to have fun.

House Rules
I’ll be eliminated the house rules for Operation Sting this year. With the new rules, we will let it play “as written”. The only house rule that will remain for now is no flame thrower vehicles still. I’ve heard that the new rules have softened these rolling beasts but I’m still not comfortable with these for tournament play just yet.

Generic Platoons
If you chose to bring an army using a Generic platoon for one of the factions in the new rule book. This Generic Platoon will take precedence over the one from the corresponding Armies of .. book. [Note: I haven’t checked yet to see how different these Generic platoons are between the new and old rules] Updated:  Generic Platoons can be selected from either the Version 2 Rulebook or the Appropriate “Armies of XXX” Supplement. [Update on 9/30/16]

German National Rules
We will be using the updated German National rules as described in the new rule book. These rules will be extended to the Theatre selector army lists if you choose to bring an army from the Armies of Germany rule book.

Axis vs Allies Confirmed!

We’ve been able to manage to have 15 Axis and 15 Allied Players. So we are going to run Operation Sting as an Axis vs Allies event. Please check the registration page and make sure you are correctly assigned to the Axis or Allied side. If you need to switch Axis or Allied please let me know ASAP!

Bolt Action, Version 2.0 UPDATE

We are pleased to announce that based on the expected release of Bolt Action, Version 2.0 in Mid-September that Operation Sting WILL be using the v2.0 of the Bolt Action rules.  A No final decision has been reached on the “Armies of Germany” update rules yet as we haven’t received official confirmation of the release date for this updated army supplement.

Bolt Action, Version 2.0

In case you missed the news, Warlord has confirmed that Version 2 of the Bolt Action Rules and Armies of Germany Army Book are set to be published in “Autumn” of 2016.  This could pose some interesting challenges for Operation Sting.  At this time, we are planning on running the tournament using the Version 1 of both the main rules and the Armies of Germany Army Supplement.  A final decision on which version of the rules will be used later this summer when (hopefully) more information is available.


Operation Sting – 2016 is SOLD OUT!

Wow, that didn’t take long.  We didn’t even officially advertise that Operation Sting was taking registrations and through word of mouth it completely sold out during the course of Adepticon!  If you know anyone that missed the event and would like to get added to the wait list – please use the “Contact” form on the blog here.

We’ve got some exciting things planned for the 2016 Tournament!   Please note that we changed the points limit/order dice cap for the tournament.  You will now be able to bring an army up to 1250 points and 16 order dice.  Full army building requirements are on the “Rules” section of the site.


Welcome to Operation Sting

Operation Sting returns for its third year!  The exciting Bolt Action tournament returns to the north Chicagoland area on November 5-6, 2016.  Operation Sting has expanded to a larger playing field and will be hosted at the Crown Point Hotel in Northbrook, IL.  It will continue to be a two-day Grand Tournament style event.

Registration is officially open – register today and don’t miss out!