Bolt Action, Version 2.0 UPDATE

We are pleased to announce that based on the expected release of Bolt Action, Version 2.0 in Mid-September that Operation Sting WILL be using the v2.0 of the Bolt Action rules.  A No final decision has been reached on the “Armies of Germany” update rules yet as we haven’t received official confirmation of the release date for this updated army supplement.

Bolt Action, Version 2.0

In case you missed the news, Warlord has confirmed that Version 2 of the Bolt Action Rules and Armies of Germany Army Book are set to be published in “Autumn” of 2016.  This could pose some interesting challenges for Operation Sting.  At this time, we are planning on running the tournament using the Version 1 of both the main rules and the Armies of Germany Army Supplement.  A final decision on which version of the rules will be used later this summer when (hopefully) more information is available.


Operation Sting – 2016 is SOLD OUT!

Wow, that didn’t take long.  We didn’t even officially advertise that Operation Sting was taking registrations and through word of mouth it completely sold out during the course of Adepticon!  If you know anyone that missed the event and would like to get added to the wait list – please use the “Contact” form on the blog here.

We’ve got some exciting things planned for the 2016 Tournament!   Please note that we changed the points limit/order dice cap for the tournament.  You will now be able to bring an army up to 1250 points and 16 order dice.  Full army building requirements are on the “Rules” section of the site.


Welcome to Operation Sting

Operation Sting returns for its third year!  The exciting Bolt Action tournament returns to the north Chicagoland area on November 5-6, 2016.  Operation Sting has expanded to a larger playing field and will be hosted at the Crown Point Hotel in Northbrook, IL.  It will continue to be a two-day Grand Tournament style event.

Registration is officially open – register today and don’t miss out!